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There is nothing as cool & enjoyable as bike riding. Be it summers, rains or winters the fun that we get in riding bike cannot be compared to driving even the most luxurious car in the world. But everything comes with a warning. It is very important to follow certain thumb rules while riding vehicles and in case of bikes it gets even more significant to know that even 1% ignorance can harm you badly and as we hear almost every day, accidents that happen while riding bike takes away the life in a moment. If you still take this on a lighter note, it’s high time that you wake up and start with the basic. From buying a helmet online to following traffic rules whenever you step out next, is what you should do immediately. Here we list some tips for safe riding:

1. Wear Helmet:

First & foremost, think about protecting your head, as it’s the most exposed and affected part of the body for all bikers. Go for full-face helmets and make sure that they are of superior quality, made of thick material that they don’t break easily and provides you protection in case of an accident. Be it short journeys or long, never even start your bike without a helmet on your head.

2. Follow Traffic Rules:

Thanks to our moral science lessons, which have taught us a lesson for a lifetime, Green – to move, Yellow – to slow down and Red – to stop. Following traffic rules should not be the responsibility of anyone except you who actually would like to save yourself from any collision on the road. Whenever riding your bike, make sure to check your speed limit and obey all the traffic rules besides of course buying helmet online right away. Better be late than never.

3. Avoid Speed On Damaged Roads:

There are maximum chances that your bike is more prone to skidding on an uneven and damaged road if you are riding it at a lightning speed. Those who think, doing stunt adds to all their swag, they should think twice. You can’t avoid obstacles on road, but you can slowly try to overcome them, safely.

4. Make Yourself Aware Of The Bike First:

If you think you can take any bike to traffic smoothly, then its certainly not possible. It’s always advisable to test a bike before taking it to rush in order to avoid any mis-happening. For safety at large, trust good quality full face helmets.

Thus, follow your passion and ride too far off places on your favorite bike but always take preventive measures to keep yourself safe from even a small injury

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