Tap Water Impurities Removed by Mineral Water Filter

The deteriorating quality of water is the biggest concern for human beings as well of aquatic life. Caused by industrial pollution, deforestation, use of pesticides, water is getting highly contaminated, hence the water filters in India have become one of the most essential equipment in households that not only purifies water to a great extent but also keeps the environment clean by reducing the usage of plastic mineral water bottles that are one of the major reasons of land pollution. The tap water, which many of you, still consider to be safe, as its supplied by the government, but in actuality, it is treated with harsh chemicals and the level of filtration that it needs is not done, thereby having all the impurities dissolved in it, which are so small that it cannot be seen with bare eyes but is very harmful for our body. In order to make you understand the urgent need of purifier, here we talk about the major contaminants in your drinking water-


When you buy mineral water purifier online, there is one specification you would see in almost all case, is that it removes chlorine from water. Chlorine, which is a very common water disinfectant when enters in large quantities inside our body, obstruct the normal functioning of our internal system, making us prone to various diseases.


Lead and Mercury the most commonly found heavy metals needs a proper filtration before even taking a sip so that they do not affect your delicate organs making you a home of deadly diseases. Water filters in India are designed using latest technologies that stain out these metals that gets injects in water from the old iron piping or pollution in the air.

Chemical fertilizers

Due to the poor land texture, the farmers are using more of pesticides and herbicides in order to increase the productivity of food crops, that gets washed out in nearby water bodies or remain in air for a long period of time, thereby causing liver problems and even cancer. Hence, mineral water purifier online is the only way out to buy the best purification system immediately and get it installed at your home even by tomorrow.

Apart from this, normal water contains many other soluble salts that are hazardous and if consumed without proper treatment thereby affecting the whole family from children to grand parents. Therefore without giving a second thought you must go for one of the most trusted water purifiers. Buy here – www. Pureitwater.com.

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