Famous And Handsome Daily Soap Actors on Indian Television

You all must watch daily soaps? Obviously, everyone does, if not for the theme of that show, but for the favorite character in it. When talking about the men, what qualities do come to your mind? Tall, dark and handsome! Is it so? But yes strong built and beard is much in craze these days. These are some of the points that make the men attractive Here daily soap actors are the new fashion icon.

Indian Television is just simply full of talent. The talented Indian television actors are in numbers but those are tremendously famous are for their looks and style. But nowadays this entertainment industry is so developed that actors take special care of their outer look. There are some of the well-known faces in TV industry; have a look to some of them and my favorite.

Vin Rana

daily soap actors

An actor plus model he is, born on 16 December 1986 in Delhi India. His freaking hot body has made him so much in demand and this 30-year-old actor has largely built 44 inches off the chest and 175 cm height. Not only he is an actor and model, but before this, he also had engineer degree. Unfortunately, girls, this hot personality is married to an actress from Indonesia whose name is Nita Sofiani in 2016.

Manish Paul

Anchor Manish Paul

His tall and charming personality is something evergreen. The prolific way of his work completion is what increasing his demand everywhere. The quirky jokes, on time punch, smiling face and never-ending spirit took him to the height of success. This man the father of two children is just amazing. He is one of the most talented Indian television actors. 

Gurmeet Choudhary

India Television Actor


In the huge list of daily soap actors, Gurmeet is the face with so much of glee. A very hot personality who debut in 2006 with the TV series Mayavii, is not just an actor but a model and dancer too. He is currently 33 years old and married to Debina Bannerjee when they met through the serial Ramayan.

Vishal Karwal

best tv actors in india

Being a belonging of Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, India, Vishal Karwal is one very cute face on TV. He is a graduate of Punjab University and has appeared on TV through MTV Roadies 4. He is an avid reader and is in a relationship with Shraddha Haribhai his co-contestant in Splitsvilla.

Aditya Redij

daily soap actors

One of my personal favorite faces on Indian Television is Aditya. He appeared on TV in 2007 but captured lot of glory through the serial Na Aana Is Des Laado in 2009. He has been awarded for his talent and many other achievements. He married to Natasha Mohan Sharma, co-actor in the same serial.

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