6 Common Myths About Sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses is something that one must have in their accessory bag. Having a good pair of sunglasses means that it should work as per the name was given to them. They should protect you from the harmful sun rays and must reduce the visual discomfort. But yes they should look amazing on you. But this can’t happen that you can’t have myths regarding anything, especially in India.

Though there is number of brands that are promoting and selling sunglasses online India, still there is number of myths spread among the people.

Common Myths About Sunglasses:

Darker Will Protect Them Better:

People often go for darker sunglasses thinking that darker will protect them better. It is seriously not like this. Colors have nothing to do with UV protection. If you are wearing a good brand piece, it will automatically make sure that the least possible sunlight hit your eyes. Also, it has been seen that the sunglasses offering 100% UV protection are lighter in color.

Sunglasses With UV Protection Layer Cost Expensive:

The one with UV protection layer cost expensive is another myth. Whenever you go shopping best sunglasses for men it will obviously cost you more, there is nothing related to UV protection percentage. But spending some amount to get a good pair is worth than getting multiple cheap sunglasses which are useless for your eyes.

Glasses Are Polarized And Anti-Glare:

There are a number of people who think that if the glasses are polarized and anti-glare, they will protect you otherwise no. and on the other hand, there is no connection of them with UV protection. Sunglasses are majorly seen with the UV Protection viewpoint.

Color Has Nothing To Do With Protection Level:

Color has nothing to do with protection level; people feed this thing in your mind. People are more dedicated towards dark and hue colors thinking that their eyes will be safer in these lenses. They are just for the better vision that depends on person to person. Go as per your fashion sense and choose the color you like.

Cheap Sunglasses Are Better:

This is the biggest myth people. It is far better that you don’t wear sunglasses rather than buying the cheap ones. They are simply of no use and will work zero for your eyes. There are many amongst you who buy cheap glasses to look trendy, but in short, you are harming your eyes (common among women). Instead go for sunglasses for women online so that you can multiple choice options with the price range facility.

Sunglasses Are Only For Sunny Days:

Seriously you do think like this only until now? I know this is the most prevalent form of the misconception that pops up in every person mind. But it is wrong. Keep one thing in your mind that by wearing sunglasses of any type you are just protecting your eyes not only from the sun rays but the dust particles too.

In love with the latest trends, keeping track of Google, passion profession.

Shadab Akhtar

In love with the latest trends, keeping track of Google, passion profession.

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