6 Beauty Travel Essentials For Your Next Winter Getaway

Winter means vacation with family or friends. While some of us plan to go to abroad and enjoy the holidays on the other hand, some of the really daring folks move to mountain and cherish the snowfall. Whatever the place is, the cold weather demands an extra care for skin and hair, as the weather change during this time results in dryness, dullness and darkness. It is true that there is already enough luggage during winters as you don’t want to leave your best pairs of boots and jackets, but an extra bag with all the important products of all your daily beauty regime should not hurt you, as more than fancy outfit, what you need is healthy skin. From sunscreen body lotion to deep nourishing lip balm, here is a list of products that you must not forget while packing your travel bag:

6 Beauty Travel Essentials You Must Not Forget While Packing Your Bag

Deep Hydrating Facial Cream

Unlike Summers, during Winters all the essential oils from our skin get dried up, as a result of which our facial skin particularly, becomes flaky. Besides itchiness and darkness, it also causes breakouts on your face. The lack of moisture is the major reason of dullness during cold weather. It’s high time you should start using a protective layer of cream on your face in order to protect it from any kind of skin disorder.

Deep Nourishing Lip Balm

Besides drinking sufficient water in a day, you must make sure that you always wear a deep nourishing lip balm in order to prevent yourself from the chappy lips problem. Just like our skin, our lips when get in contact with chilly weather conditions, they get ripped off moisture, as a result of which they turn hard and develop cracks. Not only it looks ugly, but is equally painful too.

SLS Free Body Wash

Germs do attack your body in extreme weather conditions, therefore, make sure that you don’t compromise on your shower essentials specially during winters. Always carry a SLS free body wash inorder to protect yourself from the harmful effect of bacteria and fungi.

Sunscreen Lotions

The most essential beauty product is sunscreen that avoids skin damage caused by the harmful UV rays of the Sun. Your vanity should include this every time you step out of home. A sunscreen body lotion is always the need of the hour.

Hand / Foot Cream

Keep your hand and foot soft even during holidays. Don’t compromise on your beauty in any sense, thus carry both hand and foot cream and apply it in the morning and night.

Milk Based Shampoo

The main cause of dry, frizzy hair is cold weather. Never skip pampering your hair during winters. Ditch your regular shampoo to a milk based shampoo for deep nourishment.

Hence, be it SLS free body wash or sunscreen body lotion do not miss any of these skin essentials whenever you go for your next trip.

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